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SCR's 1st Annual BOOBS & BARRELS Benefit Race

What a wonderful Fall day! October 5, 2013 the 1st Annual benefit race, BOOBS & BARRELS was held at the Shasta Cascade Riders arena in Redding, California.

This event raised money for breast cancer awareness in our area and I'm tickled that this event was also my first sponsorship as Boots 'N' Bloomers Photography! It was a huge success with over a hundred riders competing for beautiful buckles & cold hard cash!

It was fulfilling and very dirty being in the arena for the first time during an event and let me tell you what... when you are getting pelted with dirt as the riders fly around the barrels you know you are in it and it's EXCITING!!!!!! View and/or purchase my photos on my WEBSITE(proceeds from my sales go into the event!)

I had the honor of shooting with two other great photographers as well on this day!  
Jim Derra of Rafter D Photos and Tony Hord of Tony Hord Photography!
(If you are a rider looking for photos from this day and you don't find them on my site be sure to check on theirs)

I can not wait until next year! Job well done to all those involved in putting this event together and many thanks to all the sponsors as well!
Buckle Winners of the 1st Annual Boobs & Barrels Benefit Race. (pictured right to left)

1D Candace Zappetini on Dee with an 18.283
2D Mikayla Moore on Zeus with an 18.821
3D Morgan Pagel on Little Luarie Lies with a 19.290
4D Sarah Ericksen on Vegas with a 19.786
5D Katie Janssen on Stella with a 20.283
Here's a few photos highlighting moments from this event. To view all of the photos and/or purchase photos from the event visit: Boobs & Barrels Event Photos (all proceeds from sales go to the event)

Help spread the word!!! Thanks :-)

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